Vatican City Visit

If you’re planning on coming to the Vatican City soon, you’ll want to learn about all the attractions and historic museums and sites that the area is offering. A few words about the museums, churches, and lodging that you’ll want to know more about before your Vatican City visit.

Where Is the Vatican

Cupola di San Pietro

Taking a tour of the city will require about half a day, so make sure that you have plenty of time in the day to visit all the sites that you’ve been reading about. You’ll see breathtaking buildings like the Church of Santa Susanna, which is the American Catholic Church in Rome; you can contact the bishop’s office for ticket reservations and a tour schedule. You can also visit St. Peter’s Square for the Sunday Angelus. The event is hosted by the Pope if he is not at Castel Gondolfo, which is the Pope’s summer residence.

One more thing you might like to do during your Vatican City visit is go to the Room of Constantine. The room is usually used for weddings and receptions and was dedicated by the artists who were part of the school of Raphael. The room is named after the first Christian emperor to recognize the entire Christian faith officially, which granted citizens the freedom of worship. Four episodes of Constantine’s life are painted on each of the walls of the room: the Vision of the Cross, The Donation of Rome, The Baptism of Constantine, and the Battle of Constantine against Maxentius. The artwork is intricate and breathtaking, and you can spend hours in the room observing all the lifelike details.


Vatican City Italy

You Vatican City visit won’t be complete without a trip a couple of museums. The Gregorian Egyptian Museum is a wonderful place to learn about how Catholic and Christian principles have affected the culture and practices of Egypt and you’ll also learn how Gregorian influence is still a major part of the Catholic faith. The Missionary-Ethnological Museum will teach you more about the individuals who have earned the honor of being called ‘saints’ in the Catholic Church, and you’ll get historical information about how missionaries did the work of spreading the news of the church to a number of different countries and regions. Historical documents are preserved at the museum detailing the changes in laws and regulations for different countries, and you’ll get to see parts of authentic clothing and supplies that were used by the missionaries.


Of course, you’ll want to find the best places for lodging during your Vatican City visit as well, and there exist several great hotels and bed and breakfasts in the area that will make your visit complete. Check out the hotel bookings for more information.

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