Vacation rentals Venice

Many a resort hotels are envious to Italy and these offer to visitors the chance to check the history of this land between monuments and architecture beauties as well as lovely landscapes and natural wealth.

Absolutely, looking on Italy one is the compelled journey among many, a stay in a typical and unique city of Venice. Venice is located on the Venetian lagoon in the Gulf of its name, about 28 km from the town of Treviso (with a low cost airport) and for its rarity of the “Aquatic” city  has the topmost tourist’s flux in Italy. Declared in 1987 by UNESCO, humanity’s heritage welcomes tourists every year with its historical heritage surrounded by his complete lagoon.

Rialto Bridge

Renowned for its Carnival and beauties which attracts millions of tourists during the period between spring and autumn, is a “gem” to visit at any time, to live the magic of its 118 islands linked together by 354 bridges and then divided by 177 between canals and rills. Among the islands, the Lido welcomes the International exhibition of art cinema which is Venice meeting point of many celebrities while the island of Murano is famous worldwide for exclusive glass working, additionally, there is the typical lace worked on the island of Burano, also known for its very colorful houses.

Given the continuous inflow of tourists that the city each year must take on there are in Venice, many distinctive hotels as the authoritative Hotel Ala, located in the heart of the city, near the famed St. Mark’s Square. Its a  three stars hotel, among the best of Venice, and offers to customers who stay in its 85 rooms decorated by Barocchetto Venetian-style as well as the original eight hundred and nine hundred furniture, to be able to enjoy fully the tone of Venetian living and pass some unforgettable days.

The only way to get around, if you don’t visit walking, you can go in gondola or a ferry: visit the Venetian markets, small typical shops, and anyone that sojourns if only for one day  this magic city will be more rich.

The stay in Venice continues to be a must in picking out a travel between the curiosities of Italy, among the many luxury hotels that stand out for the cities, or resort on coastlines, at the famous lakes, mountain or in splendid hills, but for certain in a Venice hotel you can live an extraordinary enchantment that has no equal.