Ski in Italy

Skiing in Italy has always been a consideration for those concerned in feeling the Alps for less.  Italy provides a diverse array of skiing choices. There are areas where you can ski in Italy off into another country, duty-free skiing zones, year-round skiing and summer-only skiing. This is the time to regard Italy as a great ski destination. The north of Italy is among the best choices for ski holidays. If matters stay like this, it is still seen as one of the top European skiing countries today, and is a splendid place to take a skiing vacation.  There is a particular romanticism about skiing In Italy that makes it the number 1 alternative for so many skiers each year, and it is easy to see the attractiveness with the place. Skiing In Italy from its northern snow-tipped peaks, you can also venture towards the cultural centers of Rome, Florence and Turin, and experience Italy as it is intended, as well as its impressive ski slopes.


If you’re searching for something bigger, why not consider Italy’s highest resort, Passo Tonale.  An ideal family holiday resort, Passo Tonale is concentrated more around beginners and intermediates, and provides a friendly ambience that is just plainly lacking from some of the bigger resorts.  Passo Tonale is also home to a top course ski school, applying some of the region’s most talented skiing instructors.  From the summit of Passo Tonale, you are faced with a wonderful wide view of the whole region, which is truly thrilling, and it has been well-known for skiers to spend hours simply analysing the view.  Passo Tonale is a great holiday resort if you are looking for a more occupied, more down to earth ski holiday resort for you and your family.

Selva Gardena is one of Italy’s biggest ski resorts, and if you are searching for some great scenery and excellent, solid snow coverage, you could do a great deal worse than here.  A great value for money holiday resort, Selva Gardena is also kid friendly, making it another fantastic holiday resort to take the family.


Italy has a different range of ski resorts to provide for all unique tastes and abilities.  In general you will find all the ski resorts welcoming and well-disposed, not to mention the awesome cordial reception you will get in some of their restaurants and bars.  If you are searching a good value for money trip, and you love skiing, the North of Italy is ideal for you, and can provide any skier with an adequate challenge of their abilities. Additionally, with some of the greatest skiing instructors in the world, Italy is one of the best sites in Europe to enjoy skiing without giving a complete fortune. Italy truly is a great skiing location for anyone looking to go through the Alps in all their glory, amidst the riches and profundity of culture and history right around the corner.