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Albeit Sicily appears like it’s being expelled of Italy by the point of the boot, it’s much a part of this varied country. This island of Sicily Italy has its own different cultures and is worthy a travel to all on its own – not least because it’s stimulating enough to get here from the Italian mainland that you really don’t want to short yourself by just taking a few days to see it. There are several big and interesting cities to travel to, along with some really cool Greek ruins and a very active volcano. Do yourself a favor and pass at least a week, maybe more. Just keep in mind that the summertimes can get stiflingly hot, so try to avoid going then.

Volcano Etna, Sicily 1999

Where to Go on Sicily holidays and What to Do

Palermo is Sicily’s capital city and is occupied and active. You could well spend some days in Palermo and not see all. But you’ll want to get beyond Palermo, too. Explore the Greek temples and other ruins in Agrigento and Syracuse (Siracusa) and a stunning Greek theatre in Taormina, which is also a famous tourist holiday resort on the sea. If you’re into skiing or mountain hiking, see how active Mount Etna is and whether you can safely ski or climb it – it has a tendency to spit ash and lava into the air every so often, so it’s always good to check security beforehand. And you can’t visit Sicily for vacations without trying out the local seafood.

Vallei di Templi

Getting to your Sicily holidays

Palermo has a huge airport, so if you are planning a trip to Sicily on its own it’s a good advice to fly in and out of Palermo. If you can’t do that for a sensible price, you can take a flight to Rome or Milan and then get a brief flight to Palermo from the Italy. Start by hunting for deals on airfare to Italy.

Where to Stay in your Sicily holidays

There are a good deal of hotels and hostels distributed throughoug Sicily, though they’ll differ in price and quality. In sites like Taormina, which is a holiday resort area, you’re in all likelihood to find higher prices on accommodations – but you may find very cheap accommodations further outside from tourist centers, too. Start with a lookup of these Sicily hostels and Sicily hotels and book a room today