Naples Italy hotel

Some people say that things get more strange the farther south you move into Italy and Naples, south of Rome, is a great city to experience yourself if that is true. This is a big and jammed city with some of the most helter-skelter traffic in Europe, but it’s just about the Mount Vesuvius volcano and also so packed with history that you won’t have to concern about getting bored here. Naples is famous for pickpockets and other little criminals however, so caution and common sense should be used.

Pompeii, Destroyed AD79

What To Do in Naples Italy

Naples was set up by the Greeks around the 6th Century BC, so as you might conceive of, the buildings in the city center can go from old to much, much older. The complete historic center of Naples was accepted as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and there are several castles and cathedrals all over. Pizza was made up in Naples so sampling a pizza margherita is a tasty ritual for newbies that one shouldn’t pass up just because it’s so cliché.

The Naples Archeological Museum is where you’ll find art and other objects taken from the two main close excavation sites of Pompeii and Herculaneum. There is also a presentation of the Farnese collection of Roman sculptures.

Many kilometers of tunnels and caverns have been digged out of the soft stone below the city and part of these tunnels are accessible to visitors in a peculiar attraction that is a great way to interrupt your time between the all the churches and castles.

Bay of Naples

Getting in Naples Italy

Naples isn’t too far from Rome so many visitors will come in Rome and then do the remain of Italy by rail. But it is workable to fly directly to Naples from most of Europe’s airports and even further away. You can book a flight into Capodichino International Airport (code: NAP) and then take public transportation into the city center. If you are coming from out of the area it’s in all probability easier to book a flight into Rome and then arrive by train.

Where To Stay in Naples Italy

There are many hostels in Naples and needless to say the usual variety of hotels in all price ranges as well. In general Naples is cheaper than Rome and Florence, but some of the places here come down below the standards of most places in those other cities. When booking the cheapest hotel in Napels you can find it’s essential to realize you might only be just getting your money’s worth here.