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Milan is one of Italy’s major cities, but isn’t inevitably a city that visitors run to when traveling the land. Milan is Italy’s financial center and also one of the great fashion capitals of the world. Those things sum to special high-end shopping and fashionable night life, but they don’t do much good for the hikers. Milan definitely has some entertaining sights and tons of history, but except you are really a fashion person there might be better picks for those doing a short tour of Italy.

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What To Do in Milan Italy

Alike so many other European cities, the main attractive force here is the old duomo. The Duomo, as it’s called, is a great Gothic church that was built first in the late 14th Century. You can reach the roof for astounding views of not only the city, but of the spires on top of the construction as well. Speaking of shopping, the Galleria Vittorio Emmanuale is just looking at Duomo Square and this important indoor promenade is an attractive feature unto itself.

The well known painting The Last Supper was painted into a wall in a convent here, but it’s not in the condition it used to be in. Da Vinci’s masterpiece dates from 1495 and is interesting to experience face to face, but you must make reservations way in advance to get in. In addition to fashion, Milan is best-known for its famed football (socer) teams. AC Milan and Inter play at a stadium known as San Siro and tickets are sometimes accessible on game day or at least by scalpers out front.


Getting in Milan Italy

Milan is well placed on the train lines so it’s a popular stop for Eurail Pass holders or anyone else transiting northern Italy. If coming up from further away than next door you’ll want to book a flight into Malpensa airport (code: MXP). This is the biggest of three airports and the most common for longer flights. Also check Linate Airport (code: LIN) and Orio al Serio Airport (code: BGY) as each accommodates some local and low-cost carrier traffic.


Where To Stay in Milan Italy

The center of Milan is reasonably compressed and the public transportation system is solid. Since this is a business city at times things will be booked up at unplanned times so plan ahead. There are various hostels in Milan and the usual variety of hotels in Milan as well. Finding a cheap bed might be more difficult than getting one at one of the hotels in Rome, but if you start your planning early enough you should have no problems. Prices are apt to be very high for the business-oriented accommodations, but during slow times of year these same rooms can be very low-priced.