Apartments in Vernazza

Vernazza, undoubtedly the most preaty of the five Cinque terre settlements, nests behind a rocky cliff in a cleft in the valley near the sea. A piazza with lively houses spreads onto the small harbor. In 1182 Vernazza fought on the Genoese side against Pisa. A few areas of the old Genoese fortifications, walls and a round tower have been maintained.

Vernazza on the way out

Vernazza apartment in Cinque Terre italy
Today the medieval village of Vernazza, with its magical and recondite back streets surrounded by the colorful houses is a top Italy location for tourists from everywhere the world. Vernazza boasts a long old nautical tradition and a splendid past of sailors and mercenary leaders. Vernazza is sorted out as one of the most pleasant villages in Italy.

Vernazza is to many the favorite of the five villages that comprise Cinque Terre (literally five lands) on the Italian Riviera. The path leads down past stone houses colored in rich hues that counterpoint starkly with black volcanic rocks on which they rest. In Vernazza the track widens, becoming a series of cobblestone made-up lanes wide enough for a car, but built only to carry boats that are drawn up onto the streets during stormy weather. Vernazza is perhaps the most good-looking towns of the Cinque Terre in Italy. It is the fourth town leading north into the Cinque Terre area. Vernazza is very narrow, perpendicular paths come down towards the main road which leads onto a small square located facing the small port. At the city district, outdoor restaurants surround a central square, leading to the small but friendly beach. Its small size is not intimidating to Italians, who happily open towels upon broken black boulders at the water’s edge when every particle of sand is taken.


Vernazza remains one of the truest “fishing villages” on the Italian Riviera.

Vernazza has the only proper harbor in the Cinque Terre and is a enchanting, small fishing village. The hike northeast from Vernazza to Monterosso produces inextirpable memories of fantastically beautiful cliffs and seascapes. The hike takes about 90 minutes each way, but you can hike one way and go back on the train. You can get to Cinque Terre and Vernazza, where you have a lot of apartments and accommodation in hotel’s room, from Levanto by train or by car, and during the summer season also by boat, using a daily ferry service that connect Levanto with Vernazza and the others cinque terre towns.

Vernazza Harbor